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my family   
02:03am 22/09/2003
mood: restless
so we went to lometa this weekend..heh..oh what fun that was.

I actually went there to see my dad, which I could never get ahold of. =(

Anywho, we stayed at my grandparents house and told them they were going to be great-grandparents, and of course they we're happy about it. Later on that night my mom and her new 'thing' came over. I was sick at my stomach watching those two all night. I ignored them for the most part, and I know my mom had a feeling that I was. But she had no right doing what she was doing.

So Corey and I stayed up a little longer and talked to my grandparents, then we went on to bed. Sunday morning of course I was the last one out of bed, but then again 10am is early for me =/. So I took some pictures with my PaPa to make him happy and he had fun with it. He tried to 'recreate' a pictures that he has of one of his grandfathers, and he wants all of us grandkids to do this. Weird I know, but it makes him happy. So after hours of playing dress up, Corey and I were on our way to where my mother was.

As soon as you walk into what they called a house, was were they slept. I was just grossed out completely about it. My sister seemed some what happy to see me, but like always they never lasted. We started picking on each other, which led to her crying and saying that she hated me and my mother telling me to go kiss up to her. I was ready to leave then =/. Corey took Rebecca out side about 2:40 to talk to her, which I was really surprised when she actually went with him, and they talked for over 20 minutes.

I couldn't take being inside with my mother anymore so I went outside, and then things started to come out. My sister is totally unhappy with my mom and this person she is with. When just the night before my mother swore to me that my sister was happy with him and liked him. I never think that any 13 y/o of what ever sex should ever say "She is sleeping with him, but shes still with dad!" I'm sorry but it just pissed me off. Me being my age, and having gone through this once before when she left my dad for our step-dad, I can handle it. But my sister shouldn't be put through this right now.

I already knew my mother was sleeping with him, and I knew why she wasn't telling my father that it was over. She just didn't want his pay check to be pulled out of her checking account. My sister also said Clem "the new thing" had already picked out the wedding ring. Ugh. My mother is a dumbass if shes even thinking about marrying him. I told her that he reminds me to much of my stepdad and that I did not like him. Not one little bit, and her reply was "well if you think I'm making another mistake tell me now so I can back out of it." Bullshit. Its not my place to tell you what to do, I told her how I felt.

I'm just glad my sister isn't really mad at me anymore, and maybe she has a new sense of understanding about why I did some of the things I did, and why I acted the way I did now. So we left that place and went to see my Aunt Ronda, which I think Corey had the most fun, because they run a dairy farm. Corey had never been to one or seen how they work, so we stayed for awhile, my uncle invited him to go dove hunting with him, so of course we are going back soon. From their house we went to my Aunt Ritas. She is my favorite in all my family.

She told us alot that my had been saying and it just made me sick/sad/mad at the same time. Today if someone had asked me if she was my mother I don't know if I would want to say yes. I just can not believe that she would say some of the things that she did. She was blaming Coreys parents for us just going and alloping, when in fact it was her that was the problem. She said we never answered our phones, Corey never let me talk to anyone, and just alot of other bullshit. My mouth just dropped on some of them.

But the thing that I think I was sick/relieved to find out/finally comfirm out was the fact that my mom was indeed the one who cheated and not my father. She had blamed him for 9years for their marriage going sour, when infact it was her that did it all.

But out of all of this some good did come out of it, Corey and I brought back Thomas with us! Yeah, we have the single most bad ass cat there is. My mom just dumped him out at my grandparents, he is an indoor cat that was just kind of booted outside, we couldn't leave him like that. So he came back to San Antonio with us.
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the big day   
01:15pm 10/09/2003
mood: crazy
so yeah..I'm getting married today... hehe...

and my skin now really hates my face cleaning soap..
I look like a damn tomato.. =/

I never knew just because your 'having a baby' meant
your whole body turns against you..
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04:55am 31/08/2003
mood: amused
It's Tricky
"It's Tricky" (by Run DMC)
It's Tricky to rock a rhyme to rock a rhyme that's
right on time
It's Tricky...it's Tricky (Tricky) Tricky (Tricky)
It's Tricky to rock a rhyme to rock a rhyme that's
right on time
It's Tricky...Tr tr tr tricky (Tricky)

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05:53pm 29/06/2003
mood: chipper
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